Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Teacup Cupcakes

Little girls and tea parties, need I say more? If you've got a pretty princess in your house, chances are you've hosted a few tea parties. They may have been for teddy bears and dolls, but a tea party is a tea party, am I right?! Top on the list for every tea party is the food but very few little guests find the traditional tea time delectables very palatable, nor do they enjoy actual tea. So why not skip the fancy foods and tea (and clean up**) and serve something that's everything all in one? With that in mind I give you teacup cupcakes!

To create these delightful little wonders you need only cupcakes and candy canes.

Simply break off half the straight part of the candy cane, unwrap the rest, and slide in to each cupcake at an angle, near the top edge, until the hook reaches the bottom of the cupcake. Easy as that, you have a perfect little teacup handle. All that's left is to decorate and ENJOY!

**When your guests eat their tea cups it means you don't have to wash any!