Thursday, September 29, 2016

Yummi Pouch Wet Dry Bag Review

We got the chance to review Yummi Pouch's new Cloth Storage Wet and Dry Bag. We have the Everything Bag in spunky chevron. The colors are bright boy/neutral colors and the chevron print is really cute. The bag is sturdy and holds a lot. It's very good sized so you can pack a lot in. The waterproofing is fine to keep dampness in, but the seams are exposed so do not expect to hold actual wet in (it will leak if there are liquids inside the bag). The zipper was a bit stiff the first few uses but seems to move a lot easier after a few runs back and forth. The bag folds up small to tuck in a pocket for a just in case bag tucked into your diaper bag.

Overall it's a really good bag.

**I received complimentary product in exchange for my honest opinion.**

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