Thursday, October 1, 2015

And The Winner is

No, I couldn't believe it either, but as luck would have it we are now the proud owners of a very awesome Ryobi 12" miter saw. It's all thanks to Amy over at HerToolBelt and of course Ryobi Nation. You can see the amazing bookcase Amy made (and where we entered) here. We won't be making anything quite so fancy for a bit, but this will be put to great use as we have just about reached the trim phase of our basement remodel (pictures and projects to come, I promise). Now we just have to convince the mini man that this saw doesn't belong to him so we can use it!


Amy said...

Congrats!!! If the mini man is like my kids, he'll love the box and you can have the saw. :-)

Abbey from TheOtherSink said...

He tried to get away with playing with the Styrofoam in the box before mom but an end to that. He has since moved all his (toy) tools into the basement so he can properly help us use his new saw.

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