Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Teddybear Washcloth

Anyone of my friends or family, or friends of family, or friends of friends, who has had a baby recently has gotten from, or come to me for, a baby basket. One thing I include in every single basket I make is a teddybear washcloth. They are so cute and super simple to make. All you need are some washcloths and clear elastics (I bought a huge container of these at the dollar store). Once you get the hang of it you can make these out of anything. They are adorable when made with receiving blankets!

Step by Step
  1. Lay two wash cloths one on top of the other. The top color will be the inside tummy color when finished.
  2. Roll the outside edges into the middle.
  3. Flip over and fold down about 1/3 of the roll.
  4. Flip back over and twist the longer section over once, does not matter which direction you twist.
  5. Flip over one more time.
  6. Put an elastic around a little bit down from the top . This will be the head.
  7. Push back the small rolled sections to expose the inside washcloth. You'll have to work it open under the elastic a bit. This will create the face and tummy areas.
  8. Pinch the top corners of the head and add elastics to make ears.