Sunday, March 15, 2015

Quick Easy Easter Wreath

I'm all about the cute decorations but I don't make fancy detailed projects. If a project takes more than a few minutes, involves supplies I don't have on hand, or requires skills I'm not willing to learn....then it will not be made by me!

That being said, this is seriously such an easy craft that you'll have plenty of time to get inventive and add your own extra touches when done.

You need plastic eggs and string. Yes, that's it!!

Lay out your color choice of eggs in circle as big as you want. Pop the eggs open and run your sting in the hole at one end and out the other, closing the eggs as you go. On the last egg run both ends of the sting to meet inside. Tie a knot in the string so it tight when the egg is closed. Add a length of string or ribbon to hang by, this will also help it stay in a circle when hung.

That's it, all done. Now you have plenty of time to add your own little touches to make it extra cute!


Jayleen @ How Do The Jones Do It said...

I'm amazed it stays in the circle shape with just string! How fun and simple!

Abbey from TheOtherSink said...

By attaching the string to hang it one egg over on each side, it supports the circle shape perfectly!

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