Monday, March 23, 2015

Pink Papaya Hand Scrub Review

Lucky us, this month the lovely Brooke from Pink Papaya Spa and Beauty sent us some Pink Papaya Cranberry Orange Hand Scrub to review. Right out of the box I fell in love with this scrub. Even the container is wonderful with it's mirror like shine and adorable little spoon. But what's not to love about tiny spoons?

First things first, I gathered a little intell on the company. It's a home based sales company, yes, but I think it's their products that make them different.  They source USA ingredients and manufacture 98% of their products in the USA. They are part of the Natural Products Association and offer 100% natural botanically based products. I'm kind of a naturals snob when it come to products claiming to be natural because most in fact contain all sorts of chemicals. That is not the case here. The ingredients list for this particular item reads like a grocery list: Sugar, Sweet Almond Oil, Sesame Seed Oil, Cranberry Seed, Vitamin E, Corn Oil, Fragrance, and Papaya Extract. No parabeans, no PEG's, and no dyes, so we'll let them off the hook for the added "fragrance," for now.

Now for the good part, trying it out. This is where that cute little spoon comes in to play. That tiny scoop of scrub is all you need, really. It has a great oily grit that really rubs off the dead skin. Rub and scrub and enjoy the smell. The cranberry orange combination reminds me of pink grapefruit and is very pleasant, if not a bit strong (probably don't even need that extra fragrance they add). Scrub, rinse, pat dry and then, if you are anything like me, this is where you realize the oil has stayed on your hands leaving them silky soft and smooth and you will waste the next ten minutes caressing them. The smooth skin stays through several hand washings and even days later your hands are still softer than normal. Rub in a dollop of coconut oil after drying and they stay soft even longer.

So the final real test was to use this after cutting onions to see if it can remove the smell as claimed. And the results? It really does eliminate that terrible onion smell from your hands. I'm now keeping this by the kitchen sink so I remember to use it when ever I cook with something strong smelling like onions.

If you'd like to order hand scrub or any of the other wide variety of products offered you can visit Brooke at OR find her on Facebook at Pink Papaya Spa and Beauty.

I received all products complimentary from Pink Papaya Spa and Beauty.
The views and opinions expressed are purely my own.

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