Monday, November 3, 2014

Braun® Thermometer Review

I'm back from my recent MIA with a great review of the Braun® No touch + forehead thermometer. This came in handy with my recent cold!

The Braun® No touch + forehead thermometer can be used two ways, touch or no touch. There is a guiding light to line up distance for no touch and a soft ring for resting the forehead for touch. The touch option is great for taking your own temp or when you have a small child who is wiggling too much to line up those little beams. The best feature is the changing color display. Green is a good temperature, yellow is a low grade fever, and red means your temperature is high. I hit 102 at the peak of my fever and it flashed red. The color alerts you to temperature range before you even read the numbers. The display is perfect for nighttime temperature taking. It is just bright enough to read without being so bright as to wake a child. The light beams are a little too bright for night time since they are directed straight at the sick persons face. All in all, this is a great product and will definitely be replacing our currently use thermometer.

**UPDATE** We discovered after more extensive use that this thermometer is highly inaccurate. It's off anywhere from 2 to 4 degrees which anyone with a sick child knows can be the difference between being sick and life threatening. Want to love it since it's one of the best designs I've seen but it just doesn't work right. I now use it as a dim flashlight when I need night temp readings on sleepy kids.

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