Sunday, March 23, 2014

You Don't Know Jack!

I am a bulk buying Costco addict and if you are anything like me your cabinets are full of giant bottles of everything. Bulk items, although cheaper and really useful, aren't always the prettiest. If you have ever set one of those gigantic bottles of dish soap on your counter you know what I mean!

Most of you, and I did this too, go buy a smaller bottle at the store to refill and keep on the counter. This works, but it's just another ugly thing on the counter and I really wanted something fun and functional. So when we ended up with a nice empty bottle of Jack Daniel's I couldn't pass up the chance to put it to use.

All you need is a funnel and a clean bottle and you have a creative and attractive way to store and use your soap. The best part, and what makes this so useful, is that liquor bottles are designed to gage the flow of liquid out while pulling air in. So one quick 'glug' of the bottle and you have the perfect amount of soap to do dishes!

Oh and one last thing that makes this extra fun . . . all the people that will wander across your kitchen to stare at and ask about the odd bottle of BLUE Jack Daniel's!

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Martha said...

ooohhh.. Jack Daniels. Great recycling idea :)

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