Thursday, December 19, 2013

Santa Belt Nails

I'm terrible about getting my nails all polished and pretty on the best of days, so when I'm busy around the holidays you can forget about it. That's why I went super simple with a fun design that takes no more time than a regular coat of polish and still looks fun and festive. If you wanted to add more you could put a belt on every nail, but to keep it simple and quick I just did my middle finger on each hand.

To make your own Santa Belt Nails you'll need red, gold and black polish and some sort of fine tip nail brush or a toothpick would work. Paint your nails red as a base, then using your nail brush apply a thin black line a third the way in from the outer most part of each side of your nail. Add a small square of black to the middle between the two lines. Finally, using your nail brush again, paint a larger square of gold around the black square in the middle. You can add a top clear coat if you like, I didn't have time. Keeping it simple, just the way I like it!