Thursday, October 10, 2013

DIY Play Makeup

My kids love to play pretend and their favorite pretend play has always been with makeup. We have felt toy makeup and real kids makeup and all sorts of plastic toy makeup. I hate the real stuff (as much as they love it) because they come out looking like tiny little ladies of the night every time!

So in the hopes of having something that looks a lot more real, but isn't, I decided to give them some of my old makeup cases with 'real look' fake makeup inside.
This is probably the easiest DIY kid toy ever because all you need is an empty makeup case and nail polish. If you are like me you have loads of hideous or old nail polish that is never going to used but now can be. For the case just wait until you've used your makeup item completely or pull out the metal part so you can use it in something else (I keep my makeup in an Unii palette). Wipe out the case and pour in the polish. My polish had gotten thick with age so it came out in this cool thin line so I had some fun and made swirls and drew a heart!

Close the lid and set this outside somewhere (it stinks and you don't want it indoors while it dries). Give it a day or two to set up. The thicker you poured in the polish the longer it will take to set up. When it is all dried your kids will have a fun play makeup that isn't cheap plastic or messy and best of all lots of fun!