Sunday, September 15, 2013

Zombie Nails

I love doing cool things with my nails, but only if it takes absolutely no skill or time to do them! So when I bought this yellowish green crackle nail polish I knew right away this was the color for Zombie Nails!

This couldn't be more simple or easy to do and they turn out so neat. The only trick is to find the right yellow tinted shade of green in crackle polish.

Once you've got your Zombie rotten green color you just slap on a base coat of red (any shade of red works fine) and cover with a coat of your green crackle. You can top coat or not, I think a matte finish for this looks better.

As with any crackle polish the cracks you get depend on how thick you put on your coat of crackle polish. If you want more red showing, do a thinner coat. If you'd like deeper and fewer red lines do a thicker coat. The point is, they are supposed to look messed up and gross so you really can't mess this up!

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