Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Waverize It! Toy Catcher Apron

To celebrate National Sewing Month and Waverly’s 90th anniversary, Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores and Waverly fabric bring you the Waverize It! Facebook Contest. All you need to do to enter is sew a fun, unique, or even crazy project using Waverly fabric. Winner will receive $1,000 in Waverly fabrics and a $250 gift card to Jo-Ann Stores.

What does it mean to Waverize It!?

A bunch of us bloggers were given 2 yards of fabric to come up with our own interpretation that we each get to share with all of you. My creation is a Toy Catcher Apron. I knew as soon as I saw the bight color and pattern of the fabric that I had to make something 'big' to really show off the colors.
As far as patterns go, I didn't have one. I was totally making this one up as I went, but in the end it actually turned out to be a pretty simple project sewing wise.

I used the entire two yards and started by folding the fabic in half and sewing the right sides together down both sides with a hole about 1/2 inch wide left near the middle fold line. Flip everything inside out, fold down a test pleat and then stitched it in place with an elastic waist band hidden under the fold over.

At this point I had a very long skirt with no back!

This is where I added a long length of ribbon fed through the holes left along the folded edge. Once the apron is on you simply bring up the bottom edge and tie the ribbon around your waist. The looser you tie the more open a pouch area you have.

I spread my creation out on the bed to take some photos and when I turned around 'lil C had crawled up and was happily playing in the middle of the toy pile. So it looks like it also works as a toy blanket!

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