Friday, August 23, 2013

Watercolor Nails

Here is a fun and easy nail art trick. All you need is white nail polish, rubbing alcohol, and newsprint. I decided to go with a bright ad with flowers but you could also use black and white print for a high contrast look.

Start by painting your nails a good base coat of white. Clip out your chosen prints into small squares. Pour a little rubbing alcohol in a bowl big enough to do one toe or finger at a time (or use a shot glass).

With everything lined up dip your nail into the bowl for 20-30 seconds. Take your nail out (do not dry) and immediately place your clipped newsprint onto your nail and press it down. Once you have it pressed all over you nail, peel the paper off and throw it away. Continue dipping each nail, one at a time, until they are all done. Finish off with a clear top coat. The top coat will make the colors brighter and give them a real pop!

As you can see, what you end up with is a really neat watercolor look of whatever image you pick. For your comparison the red and yellow tulip print in the first photo is what I used on my right big toe.

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