Saturday, August 31, 2013


We were contacted this month to review SKRIBS Customizable Wristbands. SKRIBS are customizable wristbands that let children (or adults) write and draw whatever they like WITH whatever they like (ballpoint pens, dry-erase markers, permanent markers). You simply rub your finger or a tissue across the band's writing surface to erase. SKRIBS come in a colorful pack of three wristbands plus a dry-erase marker. We got all black to test out and an assortment of writing utensils to try on them. So what do we think?

We LOVE them!
These are seriously fun. I even sat down with the girls and colored on these over and over. I tried out a few markers/pens before handing them over so believe me when I say, everything wipes right off. The proof is in the pictures!
After trying out a bunch of different writing utensils we have decided that the ones that work and look the best are dry erase markers and metallic sharpies. Pens write well but fade a little when the ink dries. Crayons actually do write on these (I didn't think they would but the kids wanted to try, they just don't color very well).

A has worn hers to school everyday this week with notes and reminders written on it. B likes to match the patterns on her clothes by drawing on hers. And me? Well I would like these as the walls in my house!!

More information about SKRIBS Customizable Wristbands and its Walmart Get on the Shelf Entry can be found at Voting for Walmart’s Get on the Shelf Competition ends September 2nd so hurry over and cast your vote.

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