Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pretty Petti-Flower Gift Bag

We love gifts in our clan. Getting, giving, and most of all wrapping! Lately I have fallen into the lazy world of gift bags and everyone gets something tossed in a sack. All be it a pretty sack, it's still just a cheap paper bag. So when I recently scored a deal on petti-skirts to give as gifts to A and B's friends I also bought some adorable purses to use as gift bags to make something a little more fun to give.

With a quick fold and roll we stuffed the petti-skirt into the purse with the ruffles out at the top. It looks like a bag filled with blooming flowers. And I'm happy to say the Birthday Girl loved her gift!

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Unknown said...

I always love to see your posts, because you never disappoint me. This is incredibly beautiful and you Mum will definitely love it.


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