Friday, May 17, 2013

Influenster Palmolive® soft touch™ review

My first ever box from Influenster came this week and in it were two full size bottles of Palmolive® soft touch™ to review. I received the Vitamin E and Aloe varieties. One claims to be 'soft on hands' and the other 'for dry hands'. I have dry skin and eczema so I have to be careful about scents or additives in products. I tend to use lots of lotion after doing dishes as my hands become extra dry.

I decided to try the Vitamin E soap because it kind of looked like a big bottle of lotion. I tackled the pile of dishes I had been avoiding and enjoyed the light scent of the soap. It smells really good and doesn't linger on dishes so you don't have weird smelling pots and pans. It does leave just a little scent on skin which is nice. And my hands didn't feel any drier when I finished than when I started which is really nice.

Everything cleaned well, even the gross day old pans. We had salmon the night before and that glass dish was gross. I did notice while cleaning that the suds had a very slight slime feel, but it rinses off completely. I tried a little squeeze of the Aloe kind to see but it didn't have it so it must just be the Vitamin E added that gives it that feel. Didn't affect how it cleans and it rinses off so it's not an issue.

Of the two varieties I received I think I like the smell of the Aloe the best. Since they also sent five $1 off coupons to share with others I think I'll have to save one of the coupons so I can go get the coconut butter type to try as well! Palmolive soft touch™ Tough on Grease, Soft on Hands can be found at Walmart. Check out the Palmolive® website and review page for more information.

I received all products complimentary from Influenster. The views and opinions expressed are purely my own.

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