Saturday, April 6, 2013

Kissing Clothespin

Found this one on Pinterest about a year ago and made it to hold the card on a wedding present for my nephew and his wife. This is an incredibly simple and cheap craft that is also super cute. You can use paints, ink, markers, or even some white out on your clothespin. All you do is color one side white and the other black just below the 'o' notch in the clothespins that forms the neck. Add a little white to the groom side for his shirt and finish off with a bow tie. I used a silver sharpie to give the bride a necklace, black sharpie for all the black area and liquid white out for the white area. Don't forget a pink heart for the bride's cheek and dot those eyes and that's it. If you wanted to get fancy you could add glitter or draw in piping or lace. Could even try to match the happy couple!

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