Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Quick Craft : Hair Elastics Holder

With two little girls in the house we have amassed an overwhelmingly large arsenal of hair accessories. They hang from the walls, fill drawers and spill out over the counter in every bathroom. We have lots of cute storage for things that clip or can be hung, but for your basic ponytail elastics there just isn't much to do beside toss them in a drawer.

This Quick Craft is a very simple and super fast to make storage solution to get those cute elastics out of the drawer so they will be seen and worn. I use ours to hold all the nice elastics with flowers on them.

All you need for this project is a paper towel tube, hot glue, packing tape, felt in your color choice, and something to stuff inside the tube (I used brown paper but grocery bags or newspaper would work just as well.)

Take whatever you've got to stuff the tube and pack it in tight. This will keep the tube from getting crushed in use. Tape off both ends to keep your stuffing from falling out. Cut your felt to size, wrap around the tube and glue in place. Arrange your hair elastics and that's it, you're done!

I found a little basket to set ours in or you could glue a piece of cardboard to one end as a base to help it stand.


Unknown said...

Indeed, putting them out in the open makes them more visible to be used in any day. If they are well kept in drawers, tendency is they will be neglected.

Maria F. Solares said...

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