Saturday, February 9, 2013

Valentine Message Clothespins

Every year I dread my kid's class Valentine's Day. They hand out candy and dorky cards that just end up a huge waste in the garbage. I think it's an over commercialized holiday that we all waste way to much money on buying stuff that ends up as garbage. So each year I try to come up with a treat or toy and a delivery method that limits waste so my kids are still a part of the class fun.

This year In steps Pinterest with lots of crazy ideas. Many were more wasteful and expensive than cheap cards. I finally found one that was both cheap and something they might use or keep. Valentine message clothespins. You may have seen them with the painted envelope and little fold out message? So I adapted a bit and came up with my own that cost me practically nothing to make.

First I had to find clothespins since I wasn't about to give up my supply. Walmart sells packs of 100 for just under $3. That (and suckers) was the only thing I bought.

Next, a bingo dotter in red leaves the clothespins with a lovely red stain. Why I have these in my house I am not sure, but they get used all the time for all sorts of crafts.

Then comes the white out and sharpies. Color in a little white rectangle near the opening end of the clothespin to create the envelope shape. Trace around the shape with a sharpie in black. Add inner lines and, using a fine tip sharpie, some dashes to the top envelope fold.

Finally add a little message (to/from can go on the back or top), clip in a sucker and your kids are ready to hand out a cute little treat with no paper waste!

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