Sunday, February 3, 2013


Before each of my kids were born I started a journal for each of them. A, my oldest, who is now 10 has two journals. I wish I could say that I write in these everyday but honestly I am actually terrible about getting to these. Instead I take an insane amount of pictures and write notes on our message board so I can write later. I try to write about every milestone, haircut, size change, doctors appointment, and fun or cute thing they do. I'm not sure if it will be of any interest to them when they get older, but I enjoy writing it for them and even reading some things here and there as a younger sibling hits the same age. They are growing up so fast, I just don't want to forget a second of it!

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aworkofheart said...

What a great idea! It is hard to keep something like this up for each child especially the ones who are second! Or my third child has one picture album as opposed to three like the first child...but you do your best and when they get older, like old enough to have children of their own, maybe even not that old, they will look back and laugh at some of things they did and appreciate that you took the time to write things down. It does take time and some effort, before you know it they will be off on their own...time has a way of slipping by...your oldest is 10? Where did those years go? I am sure you are an incredible mom, keep up the good work one day at a time!

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