Monday, November 26, 2012

Paper People Chain Card

I recently took advantage of a very good deal on a refurbished Cricut cutter and am so happy I did. I think I could waste hours just watching it cut out shapes for no other reason that to watch it. Okay, so I am easily entertained, but it is really neat. So as a first fun test project I set about making birthday invites for 'lil man C's 2nd birthday.

Not having very many patterns to pick from I thought it would be fun to make a people chain card using the Mini Monsters and Freshly Picked cartridges that came with my machine.

After I measured my envelopes and figured out the largest size I could fit, I laid everything out in the Cricut Craft Room and got to cutting. Or rather it got to cutting and I sat staring.

Then armed with a stacks of little boy cards, green overalls and little number twos, I glued everything together including a printed invite message for the inside.

I intentionally sized the pants to not fit perfectly to give everything that messy little boy, imperfect look. Just for fun I cut out tons of extra little twos on the scrap parts of paper and tossed them in the envelopes with each invite. Everything is more fun with a little confetti!


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