Thursday, October 25, 2012

Clean Room

If your kids are like mine they leave everything they own on the floor so you can step on it when you go to tuck them in at night. Despite threats, bribes, begging, and flat out telling them to clean up, the piles on the floor had reached a point I could no longer ignore and so I went in to clean.

Often I have cleaned and reorganised everything but this time I didn't feel like cleaning. I got a huge bin, picked up any and everything that wasn't where it was supposed to be and took the bin back to my room. What I left was a poem on the door. 'A' had to read and explain it to 'B' who just didn't get what it meant. Amazingly they cleaned up the rest of the room and set to work on several chores to earn back toys. They sorted clothes and unloaded the dish washer and even helped pick up baby C's stuff in the front room. Seems to be working pretty well.


aworkofheart said...

This is a brilliant little poem, I wish I would have thought of such a thing when my sons were little. I was endlessly picking up, but hey, I guess that is part of motherhood. Now as a grandma of three, I look back and wonder, oh my where did those days go... I just love all the cute entries you have in your blog, your idea for a pinata is so cute, i am going to pass it on to my daughter-in-law. I am one of your new followers, but as a young mom, I can understand why you don't have a lot of postings...where oh where does the time go??? So I wish you a wonderful day, and blessings to all those you love. I just love the name of your is so true!!! Cathryn

Abbey from TheOtherSink said...

Welcome, and thanks for following. We're a pretty new blog so nope not a lot of posts yet. Trying to get into the habit of getting more consistant posts up. Took me awhile to name my blog, glad someone other than me gets it!! Thanks for commenting!

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