Saturday, August 4, 2012

Doll Hair Renewal

When 'B' came to me the other day pointing out that the wings on her doll would no longer work I sat down assuming this was another cheap toy that I would have to sadly confirm was unfixable. What I discovered instead was that tons of the dolls hair was wound around the terribly placed winding point on the doll. So what was once a cute fairy doll had become a tangled mess of hair that stuck the gears.

And so it was time for the messy headed dolls to take a little head first dip in a pool of detangling solution (And under go some hair removal). The solution is 2-4 cups HOT water (not boiling, but as hot as you can still place your hand in to) and about a Tablespoon of whatever liquid fabric softener you happen to have in your laundry room.
Soak dolls hair for about 30 seconds in solution. Then comb dolls hair out against a hard surface, like the sink edge. If it's still hard to comb give hair another dip or two. Once the hair is all combed out, give it a rinse, let air dry, and then style as you like.

My plan was to keep the tangled broken winder from happening again so we went with some fun braided up-dos.



Unknown said...

There are people that cannot get away from their childhood fantasies, especially having dolls. When dolls are not neat to look at, it bothers us sometimes. In this scenario they are giving us tips on how we can fix the fuzzy hair of dolls and look at them like they are brand new.


Unknown said...

I encountered a similar situation in my niece's doll and I remembered something that I read in this blog. It is really effective that is why I have to come back and thank the blog for it. So glad to have come across it before. I'll make sure to remember it.

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