Monday, August 6, 2012

Diaper Bassinet

Had so much fun today putting together a diaper bassinet gift basket. This will be going to a soon to be new mom (and dad) to triplets. Good luck!!

Here's what's inside:
50 size 1 diapers
12 baby washcloths
4 receiving blankets
4 spoons
3 handmade crochet bow ties
3 onsies
2 books
1 wipes container
1 basket

Bassinet Assembly:
First in the basket was the larger of two books, The Nursing Mother's Companion. On top of the book sits 50 diapers. They seem so small next to the size 4 my own little guy is in these days.

The diapers were covered with one blanket and the outside wrapped on 3 sides with another. A third blanket is run up the back to create the canopy which is stuffed with some paper to puff it up.

Inside the bed area sit a flat wipes container and on top of that under the canopy is the other book. You can just see the book pages in the picture (right). Next are three adorable onsies tucked in with the last blanket. Washcloths made into lollipops (with spoons for sticks) and a teddy bear are tucked in next to the onsies and stuck in front. The four left over are tucked under the canopy to add a little more height.

And last but not least three handmade crochet bow ties are stuck to the lollies and a onsie.
Wrap it all in a ribbon, tie it off with a bow and presto!

      If you've never made a washcloth lollipops before it is really easy. Grab a baby wash cloth and fold it diagonally in half. If you want two tone fold another cloth and set it on top of first with the long edge a little higher up. Roll it up into a log starting with the small corner. Pick either end to start and roll your log into a circle. If you used two colors make sure that you roll so they both show. Once it's rolled up you'll want to cover it so it doesn't come unrolled. I like heat shrink plastic but you can also use little plastic baggies or even plastic wrap or cellophane.

Once the roll is wrapped slide an infant spoon on to the back of the roll to act as the stick. Then just tie it off with ribbon or a twist tie and there you have it, lollipop washcloths.

The most fun of the entire thing was when C, who is almost 2, came over begging for one of the lollipops. Apparently they look good enough to eat. I showed him how I made it with a wash rag and spoon and he looked at the one I rolled up like I was totally crazy. I even got a real swirl lolli out of the candy bowl and he still wanted the ones off the front of the basket!

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