Friday, August 10, 2012

Binky Fix

Mini man C loves his pacifier or binky as we call it. I try to only let him have them at nap and bed but I decided when A was a baby and refused all binkies and bottles that they really weren't such a bad thing. So the rule for in bed only never seems to be something I'm strict about.
When C was tiny he couldn't keep a binky in his mouth to save my sanity. He had enough dexterity to pick up and put the binkies in his mouth but didn't always pick it up the right direction and would get very upset. So in the middle of the night the hubby and I would have to shuffle in and correct the backwards issue. This is when I decided he needed help and started looking for something.
I happened upon WubbaNub and got two thinking he at least wouldn't loose them behind the crib anymore. It was instant love. C could grab these cute things and pop the binky right in his mouth. It was perfect. That is until the binky started to break off where it's sewn. They are almost 2 years old so really I'm amazed they didn't break sooner. I knew they would eventually. Then this week it finally fell apart. C looked worried when I said it was broken but sat quietly and watched me fix.

The up side is that fixing is both easy and can not only be done as a repair but also to turn just about any tiny stuffed toy into a binky friend. As a bonus I can now detach the binky for easy cleaning.

Here's what you'll need:
  • Stuffed toy and binky of choice 
  • Snap and Snap setter (OR if you don't want to use snaps you can use a binky adapter or silicone O-ring)
  • Ribbon, needle, thread, scissors

Start by opening a slit in the toys mouth to sew in the ribbon. You could also just sew ribbon over if you don't want to cut the toy open.

Use sturdy ribbon, I like grosgrain. Cut ribbon to length based on space needed to attach binky. I suggest doubling over the ribbon. Some will be sewn inside the toy so you should cut it longer than you need and adjust down when you sew in place.

If you want to use an o-ring or adapter instead of snaps, fold the ribbon in half and loop it through the o-ring or adapter before sewing. For snaps fold the ribbon ends into the middle and then in half. Tuck either option ribbon ends inside the toys mouth and hand sew in place. Use thread the color of the toy so it won't show.
(If you sew to the surface and don't hide the ribbon ends inside the toy you'll want to tuck the ends so that they are hidden when sewn.)

Once ribbon is sewn your toy should look like it is sticking out its tongue at you. Two tongues for snaps or one tongue with a ring if you used the o-ring or adapter.

Now you'll place your snaps top and bottom. Leave yourself plenty of room to attach the binky. Mine was a little too close so it can be hard to attach to the binky without a little work.
When everything is finished grab a binky and make sure it works. I use the snaps alone on both Soothie \ Gumdrop (as shown) and handle style binkies. Then I clip in an o-ring to attach to any MAM style or loop around any thicker handles. In the end it works great and C was very happy to have his binky back.

I forgot the best part! When they are old enough to part ways with a pacifier they can still keep the cute little friend to sleep with and be comforted. Then they only loose half the comfort object instead of going cold turkey. And how could I ever take anything away from that face?!

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