Saturday, July 7, 2012

What's old is new

With two tween girls in the house we have accumulated a lot of hair accessories. A favorite for lazy hair days are headbands. The bad part of headbands is that they are made of cheap plastic and when they get caught in the middle of fighting girls they often snap! The cheap ones I toss, and we have thrown away many I'm sad to say.

The other day the unfortunate looser of a battle was a cute bow headband we purchased at Steal Boutique. I decided to take on reassembling said headband but first needed to purchase more plastic headbands. But why buy just one when I can buy in bulk and make more! So when a big sale hit Halo Heaven I bought a couple packs of headbands. Then as it turns out I got a size smaller and a size larger than what the headband was. What to do, what to do?

I opted to go bigger and add some extra ribbon. After trial wrapping ten times to decide how to best use the previous ribbon (something I highly suggest doing before you glue anything in place to make sure you don't run out) I began to wrap and glue in place. You can see the broken headband (bottom right of top photo) and the already wrapped original black ribbon on the new headband. I had just started the new ribbon when I remember to snap a photo.

Just when my hands were starting to cramp trying to hold the ribbon tight, I glued the last piece in place and it's finished. Not to shabby and the girls inform me it's better than before.

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