Thursday, July 12, 2012

Unexpected visitor

Many years ago, when we first bought our home we saw deer and squirrel, wild birds and the occasional rodent in our yard daily. We don't live deep in the woods but our area is mountain side terrain and with the 2 acre vacant lot behind us the animals had made our yard part of their home. That was until someone bought the property, tore out nature and slapped up town homes. The project, as expected, went belly up and is still sitting unfinished with only about 1/5 of the built properties being lived it. It was an unfortunate waste of a great natural space.

At the time we lost all our friendly little neighbors, except the rodents who loved the mess more than I care to recall. Recently we have noticed a large number of the nicer animals coming back to the area and the other day a deer paid our yard a visit to snack on some sweet fallen apricots. She stayed for a bit greatly upsetting the permanent residents of our yard, three ducks seen here running in the opposite direction. She came back again later in the day for another quick bite but we haven't seen her since. Hopefully she's found a nice place to live nearby and will pay us another visit soon.

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