Saturday, July 14, 2012

Good Food Loves You

A few years ago we joined a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) in our area. During the warm months we ate amazing locally grown foods and wished for them while it was cold. We then discovered a local co-op and soon after our favorite site Bountiful Baskets.

We order a 'basket' of food every 3 weeks. I pick up one for us and one for my parents. For only $15 a basket we get a lot of great healthy food. We have tried some new foods we might not have bought for ourselves and many that I consider too expensive often come in a regular weeks basket. Several times we have gotten pineapple, kiwis, and mangos.

We've priced out the items on a few occasion at our local super market and found it would run upwards of $40-50 to buy the same items in our basket. Co-ops really work to save you money.

And if saving money weren't a good enough reason to start eating better, the health benefits can't be beat. Good foods show they love you by making you healthier, and sometimes you'll even find your bag of carrots has other ways to let you know they love you.

PS: I wanted to add pictures of a basket we actually got and not just some random photo from out there on the web. So I had to wait a few hours for our pick up time so I could show you the yummy foods we received today. How great does this look? (This photo is minus a little crate of blueberries because lil' man C couldn't wait until after I took the picture to eat them.)

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