Thursday, July 19, 2012

Flat Surfaces

Some how every flat surface in my home is covered in endless piles of stuff. If there is a surface on which items can be set, they will be. Case in point, my dinning room table. It is the first flat surface one passes on the way in the house from the garage. It has become the dumping grounds for every random item in anyone's hands as they walk in the door. We don't even eat at the table because it is so rarely clutter free.

The other day I cleared everything off and removed the extra leaf from the table in hopes that a smaller table would collect less. Well I was wrong (it also happened to be A's birthday so her gifts collected). Now C's birthday is coming up and that means family dinner. I'm giving it one last try to clean the table and keep it clear (at least until the party).
I started cleaning and it wasn't as bad as I thought. Gift bags really take up a lot less space once folded. After awhile I had a table again. Now I just have to face the other rooms in this house. And I'm off to clean the kitchen, or maybe it can wait until tomorrow!

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