Sunday, July 8, 2012

Do you hear what I hear?

The biggest part of owning an older home is the daily fix and repair. And when I say daily I mean that at some point during everyday there is time spent fixing something. This past weekend the issue to be handled was the kitchen sink. It seems our garbage disposal was suffering from some 'plumbing issues' and was leaking water into the cabinet below.

After pulling everything out, to soak up the water and inspect for damage, we set about installing a new garbage disposal. My husband got everything wired and connected while I kept little hands and eyes far away. Then it was time for the test run. We turn on the water, flip the switch and . . . is it running?

I don't hear anything.

Are you sure it's on?

We stare as the water swirls down the drain and toss a corner of dry toast from breakfast in for good measure. The quiet spinning and faint crunching of old toast as it grinds is all we hear. Wow, that is one quiet disposal! In the 10 years we've lived here I'd gotten so used to the sounds of the mini tornado ripping through the sink drain that this was like a small choir of angels.

The only task left was to clean the cabinet again and put everything back. I also wanted to install a towel bar under the sink to hold spray bottles (I'd seen it in passing on Pinterest). So that went in too, pretty handy really.

Later that day my mum and dad dropped in and tested out the new disposal. My mum comments on how quiet it is then quickly adds . . . We need a new garbage disposal!

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